Ambulance Transport Services


American Ambulance Service provides emergency and non-emergency Ambulance Transportation services. When you place a call to 9-1-1 with a request for emergency help, the dispatcher sends an ambulance based on your specific needs. Non-emergency transportation provides mostly planned transportation for patients going to doctors’ appointments, dialysis, from hospital to hospital or hospital to home.

Wheelchair Transport

American Ambulances offers transports for patients who require wheelchairs to live their daily lives. Our highly trained staff of True Americans is experienced in non-emergency medical van transportation. We have dedicated vans that provide these services. Our goal is to ensure that all patients are treated with top quality care and a timely transport experience. Our services can help individuals who need to get to and from scheduled doctors’ appointments, dialysis and other non-emergency requests as safely as possible.

For more information or to schedule transport, call 910-399-3744.

Non-Emergency Stretcher Transport

Some Patients who require additional or higher level of care for transportation are typically going to and from planned appointments such as doctor visits and dialysis, hospital discharges and hospice transport. The patient might be bed-confined, require oxygen or have similar needs. American Ambulance supports BLS transports with an ambulance that is fully equipped and inspected by the Office of Emergency Medical Services of North Carolina.

For more information or to schedule transport, call 910-399-3744.